Really, truly, down-to-the-bone exhausted. Its been a rough few weeks at work – we’ve been running nonstop, and we’ve broken our own records for transports in one day twice this week. It didn’t help that yesterday morning I had to get up at 9am (I usually get up at 11) to go in to work for my interview – I applied for an Assistant Supervisor position. I’m not sure how it went…they were running late so my interview didn’t start until 11:30, and I ended up interviewing with three supervisors I don’t really know and who don’t know me very well (instead of the head supervisor who knows me fairly well, or the night supervisors who work with me on a daily basis). The interview went OK I guess – pretty short. A few of my answers mentioned my public health background and my interest in teaching (eventually) – so at the end one of them asked me why I was applying for a road supervisor position when I wanted to teach so much. SO pissed, since it was his “off the cuff” random questions that weren’t part of the interview that led me into saying anything about teaching…but I told them that I love working on the ambulance, which is why I applied for this job – and that I don’t think that teaching and supervision are separate things, and that I think supervisors by their very nature are teachers as well (leading by example, “educating” employees when they do something wrong). I guess I saved the question, but I left the interview very frustrated. I know I’d be great for the job, but I don’t feel like I got to show them that.

I also have to to vent – In the last 11+ months I’ve worked there I’ve had nothing but praise, compliments, and several “commendations” for excellent patient care and for going “above and beyond”. These have come from patients, hospital staff, fire department chiefs….not to toot my own horn, but I’ve done well. And the supervisors who KNOW me know this. The ONE time I get a “complaint” (that was quickly found to be completely unfounded) was last week – a lieutenant for one of the local FDs walked onto the scene of a minor car accident in the middle of our call and thought I broke patient care protocols – instead of pulling me aside after and asking me what happened and clarifying the situation (which would have shown that I hadn’t done anything wrong) she called the supervisor and told her to write me up. The supervisor then called me and I explained and everything was fine…but she actually brought it up in my interview. As a joke, but STILL – not appropriate. If she has used it as a genuine concern and asked me to explain, or had contrasted it by also mentioning to the others that this was a one-time thing and a misunderstanding and that I had far far more POSITIVE calls about me…maybe. But I feel like the others got the wrong idea.

Oh well. Sorry to vent but I had to get that out. I spoke to one of my night supervisors (the one who told me to apply in the first place) and he told me not to worry – that as far as he was concerned, I had the job. I mentioned the weirdness with the questions in the interview, and he said that they weren’t supposed to be asking random questions that hadn’t been pre-agreed on. Doesn’t change the fact that they did, but whatever. I’ll find out in a few weeks.

Anyway…so I’m tired. We had four critical patients at work last night (all turned out very well, wish they could have seen THAT in my interview 😛 ) and two I had to physically restrain, so I’m very ready for a day off. I plan to sit here and knit all day. Thats it. No moving.

Ariann is done – if I decide to move today I’ll have Adam take pictures.

I’m tired. Back to doing nothing.

One response to “Exhausted

  1. Get some rest, sweetie. I love you lots .

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