Much better

I took a three hour nap this afternoon, and I’m feeling much better. I finally got a chance to model Ariann:



Ignore the goofy faces…it was way too hot to be modeling a sweater, but it was a sacrifice I had to make 🙂

While I was out there I got some pics of the veggie garden – they’re loving the warm streak:



Check out the staghorn fern on the live oak tree in the backyard, its gotten huge!


And Grandma, this one’s for you:



One response to “Much better

  1. Hi Lisa, Love the flamingo. The one you gave me for Christmas is still in my room until the weather improves. The sweater is lovely and I am so jealous of your beautiful veggies. Have you eaten any yet? Can’t believe the staghorn fern! Never seen one with more than three or four “antlers” around here and those are inside, of course! Glad you are more rested. Love, Grandma xoxox

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