Life on the High Seas

Adam and his dad bought the boat, and it was delivered yesterday, so there has been lots of boating this weekend. The boat is a 24′ Sundancer with a cabin down below. Adam’s a captain! 🙂


Some views off the boat:



I’m a little sunburned, but it was a good time. I also finished my clapotis, and it’s blocking as we speak. The malabrigo is as comfy and soft as I had hoped, and it’ll make a great wrap for chilly restaurants and such (they go CRAZY with the air conditioning around here). I also decided what to do with my handspun hand-dyed yarn! Stay tuned for more on that later.

Lots of gardening, raking, mowing, sweeping, and outdoor cleanup as well. Once the swamp (I mean pool) is out of the backyard – yes, its still there, and no, you can no longer see the bottom, and yes, i’m pretty sure there are mutant lizards living in it – I’ll take pictures (because other than the swamp, the yard is looking great!).

Two days off from work is just not enough.


2 responses to “Life on the High Seas

  1. I had no idea that the boat came with a custom skin tight adam shirt.. or is that the new look?

  2. Hey Lisa,
    Thank you so much for your comments on my blog regarding my “abnormal EKG” results. I feel so much better now! I’m sure I will hear from my doctor today also, but I just feel relieved to hear it from someone who deals with this sort of thing all the time. I appreciate it a lot! Trust me when I say I have enough to worry about just mentally psyching myself up for surgery! One less thing is good!


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