Visit from the fam!

Mom, Paul, and Staffan are here!  Last night we hung out and relaxed here at home, and today we’re going to go out on the boat and visit Caladesi Island, which was rated the #2 beach in the US by Dr. Beach.  It’s a state park, and one of the only undeveloped barrier islands in the county.  The island is only accessible by boat or ferry, so it doesn’t get the crowds that Clearwater beach does.


I finished my super-secret project!  Using the yarn that I hand-spun and hand-dyed, I hand-knit this scarf using one repeat of the center leaf motif from the alpine lace scarf.  This scarf was a present for mom (who taught me to knit and spin and dye), and now that it has been gifted you can see it here 🙂  I tried to get a better picture of the lace pattern but no luck.


Mom in Florida – standing in front of our staghorn fern for proof 🙂 and eating a valencia orange from behind our house.  It doesn’t get much more Florida than that!  We all sat around and relaxed and talked and enjoyed the first nice day this week.


Adam hanging out.

I finally got my wool combs and I started combing and spinning my llama.  It’s like thread!  I’m going to spin and ply a sample this weekend, but so far I’m very impressed at how thin this wants to spin.   We’ll see how I end up plying it.

One response to “Visit from the fam!

  1. Beautiful scarf, Lisa. Hope more pics will follow of your boat trip and picnic.

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