Day at the Museum (and yesterday at the park)

Yesterday we went to Lake Tarpon (Chestnut park) and walked around. We saw lots of wildlife – squirrels(I think Staffan took a picture of every squirrel in the park – and for the record, they look exactly the same as the squirrels he sees every day in New York), birds, a brave rabbit, and even some gators! Mom had a great post with tons of pictures yesterday on her blog. Last night we hung out, relaxed, enjoyed the yard, and all watched a movie.

Today we knew the weather would be crummy (it thunderstormed all night and all morning), so we planned to go to the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Tampa. Then we found out that today was free admission! We got there pretty early so the crowds weren’t too bad, but when we left there were cars backed up all the way back to the road waiting for parking spots. The museum was very cool, and they had lots of different exhibits. The first one was “monsters of the deep”, where Paul and I were attacked by a shark:



They also had an exhibit called “Disasterville”, which showed how various natural disasters occur and how to stay safe. Very appropriate in Florida this time of year, with wildfire and hurricane seasons coming back to back. My favorite was the advice for surviving a volcano eruption – “Don’t build near a volcano.” My other favorite was an exhibit showing various methods of communication that are good and bad during an emergency – cell phones (good except the lines get tied up), emergency radios, satellite phones, and this:


I think Mom might have found a new calling:


There were smaller exhibits on the human body, magnetics, and outer space, and we saw a short show called “a recipe for disaster” that did experiments related to disaster survival – putting out fire with baking soda and vinegar, using pressure to shoot a pencil through a piece of plywood to demonstrate wind speed in a hurricane….it was OK but the presenters needed a little stage presence 😛

There was a butterfly garden outside that was very cool, but by then we were STARVING and it was getting crowded, so we headed for home. Fun day, and Staffan seemed to really like it (of course now he’s back in front of the computer, but what can you do). I’m really getting used to this vacation/relaxing thing!

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