Homemade Dinner

(well not completely.)

I raided the garden for lettuce and spinach for some home-grown salad, and used Johan’s recipe to make some yummy pasta sauce.  If I had thought ahead I could have made pasta too 😛  The secret to Johan’s sauce (ever since they discontinued the “spaghetti sauce seasoning” spice) is apparently Old Bay.  It doesn’t taste quite the same but its pretty good.  I pruned the basil in the garden yesterday so I didn’t want to pull off any new leaves tonight, but next time I make the sauce I’ll add some fresh basil as well.

I’m officially on a gardening kick.  Hopefully this weekend we’ll take the pool out (which reminds me, I should call tomorrow and schedule the dirt delivery) which means that soon we can put in a LAWN and plants!  Adam wants to cover the fence in the back so we don’t have to look at it, so I’m thinking of some climbing roses or clematis.  Roses do make me a little nervous (don’t want to go too crazy right out of the gate) but a couple crepe myrtle could look nice too.  I was never a big gardener up north (no garden and too cold) but I do miss northern plants, and roses would be a nice touch.  I could just go with bouganvillea (they grow like weeds), but they are kind of thorny nasty plants and need a lot of pruning.  Hmmm.

As for the veggie garden, I think I’m going to devote one bed to strawberries – Adam and I both love them, and I wouldn’t have to drag them out and replant new stuff there every season.  The other bed will stay a rotating bed.  Next up in there, carrots and summer lettuce, with some sunflowers thrown in against the fence.   And maybe corn.  Man, it’s hard to decide!


One response to “Homemade Dinner

  1. Strawberries are really hard to harvest around here..they bugs eat them when they are just about ripe and always beat me to them!

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