We’re a regular nature conservancy over here

Last week while Mom and Paul were here I thought it would be neat to put up a hummingbird feeder and see if any showed up. I figured that there wasn’t a lot of chance of actually seeing them, but decided to give it a go anyway. Since I didn’t have much hope I bought a $3.99 feeder (yeah, I’m cheap) and hung it by our living room window. Well yesterday (four days later) I saw one! In the middle of the day! We had the sliding doors open and the feeder was right outside the screen, so when I yelled “ADAM! IT’S A HUMMINGBIRD!” he got a little freaked out and flew away. Didn’t see him anymore yesterday, but this morning he’s come back three times in the last hour! (I’m assuming its the same one, since I haven’t seen more than one at a time.) I moved the feeder to a shepherd’s crook hook in the yard, hanging next to a basket of peony-style flowers, so that they won’t crash into the glass (and so I can see better from the kitchen too).

I also went out yesterday and got a regular bird feeder – after spotting all kinds of birds randomly around the yard I wanted to try a feeder. I splurged on a “squirrel proof” feeder because the squirrels around here are crazy, and hung it out in the backyard over a tree limb. I didn’t see any birds last night, but it was pretty late when I hung the feeder. This morning the first thing I did was go open the living room blinds to see if there were any birds, and a male cardinal flew right up and started eating!


Then his lady friend cardinal came over and they took turns eating for about ten minutes! There was a Blue Jay flying from perch to perch around our yard waiting for his turn, but he didn’t seem to want to eat with the cardinals and he ended up flying off without eating. That’s all we’ve seen so far, but I didn’t think we’d see anything so fast! I tried getting pictures of the hummingbird and the female cardinal, but I’m still trying to mess with the zoom on my camera and they didn’t want to sit still for that long 🙂 Never a dull moment at this house, that’s for sure!

Oh yeah, and we got the front spigot working! The handle is broken off, but Adam bought an extender piece at Home Depot with it’s own switch and used a wrench to turn the broken spigot on, so now we have a working one 🙂 We spent yesterday mowing and weed-whacking the front and side yards and it looks SO much better. Mom – the weed whacker is almost as fun as the lopper! Next project – pool is going OUT! Just two more weeks (I hope).


One response to “We’re a regular nature conservancy over here

  1. I didn’t realize you were such a “Byrd” Junkie. I guess it comes with the territory. 😉

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