Actual Knitting!

Which I must preface by saying that there is NO secret meaning 😛 I’ve been itching to do some more cabling, but I don’t want to knit a whole sweater for myself when it is 80 degrees outside. The answer?


I saw this book at the LYS on knitting night last week and realized that this was the answer – small, quick-to-knit projects that I can use to whet my appetite for cables and patterns without burning out and without wearing out my credit card. Two balls of superwash worsted weight yarn are $10, which will make an adorable cabled sweater with enough left over for booties and a cap 🙂 I’ll either be very prepared some day, or (more likely) have a bunch of pre-made gifts for when my friends start having babies. And it’s FAST!


One back and one sleeve of a very cute baby sweater, finished less than 24 hours after I bought the book. Not bad, eh? And I forsee that the whole thing will be done by Tuesday night becuause…

I’m on light duty at work, which can’t start until Monday, so I have tonight and tomorrow off. I’m falling apart – I had to leave work early today because of shoulder pain (the left one this time, as opposed to the right one which I hurt last year and which kept me out of work for a MONTH). I’m starting to get really tired of being hurt and broken and sore. I’m too young for this!

SO I’ll make myself feel better with some REALLY cute baby knitting. There’s an adorable v-neck cabled vest calling my name 🙂


One response to “Actual Knitting!

  1. Thats so nice of you to knit a sweater for Schoeffel Smotrich.

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