Good camera

I used Adam’s super fancy camera and tripod to get some better bird pictures, and found a new guy!

Both Cardinals finally showed up together, and even posed for a bit!

Mister Blue Jay is a chicken…he won’t go to the feeder if anyone else is there, and he’ll flit around the yard waiting his turn. The top of the umbrella seems to be a favorite spot.

This guy has shown up the last two days or so – Grandma, is it a baby Blue Jay? I’ve only seen him when the big blue is there, and he seems to have the same shape beak and head feathers.

My camera is on the fritz, even with brand new batteries it shows “low battery” and shuts off. Mom – what kind was the one that you and Paul brought down here? I’m not sure what to do with mine, but I’ll call Kodak customer service later and see if they have any ideas.

One response to “Good camera

  1. What wonderful bird pictures, Lisa. I especially love the one of the bluejay. I think the little one is actually a tufted titmouse. Isn’t he precious? Keep up the good work – your new-found featherd friends seem very happy.
    Hope your shoulder is better soon. Take care.
    Love, Grandma

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