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Going, going…

But not gone yet. Yes, after months of nastiness in the back yard, we FINALLY TOOK OUT THE POOL!


Thanks to our neighbor’s pump, it only took a few hours to drain the pool.


We found lots of suprises when we took the liner out – a dozen frogs living behind the rip in the liner! We’ve been listening to them every night for two months, and now we know who made all the tadpoles in the pool. Our neighbor has a pond, so he took as many of the tadpoles as we could catch. Taking out the pool wall was a huge pain, because all the rock had slid down on top of it.


The hole ended up being 3 1/2 feet deep on the end by the tree, and 2 1/2 by the fence – but the fence side was entirely stone, so it all slid into the hole.


We had 18 yards of dirt delivered, but the truck was so big they couldn’t maneuver it around to dump the dirt in the hole – so we had a massive dirt pile behind the house.


And here is the hole after the first 18 yards of dirt.  There’s unfortunately still a ways to go, but we made huge progress yesterday.  Two of Adam’s friends came over to help – we SO owe them.  Somewhere between getting two hours of sleep, and not eating all day, I ended up with  sunstroke.  I slept from 8pm last night to 3pm today, and I’m feeling much better.

We’ve got another 8 yards of dirt coming tomorrow, but they use a smaller truck so I’m keeping my fingers, arms, legs, and eyes crossed that they can dump the dirt right into the hole.  As much as a pain in the butt as this was, I’m still SO GLAD the pool is GONE!  Even the hole in the ground looks better 😛



The countdown is on…TWO days until the pool is gone! I’ve been keeping busy with little projects around the yard:


The pavers that were formerly the path on the right side of the picture are GONE, and six of them are now the new grill pad.  There are a ton of roots under the path, but I think I got it mostly straight/flat.  Now the patio set can sit in the middle of the patio 🙂


These white tones are the stones that were formerly by the pool filter/pump.  I’m only three short, and I think they look pretty sharp!  AND, they’re only 15 pounds each so I could do it myself 🙂  (I needed help with the others.)  I just need to get some potting soil to fill in behind the stones, and some mulch – because I learned last winter that these puppies like to be insulated.

For a moment of zen, more pretty lilies (or daylilies, or whatever) that keep popping up:



Every new plant that starts to bloom has been a different color!  I love it 🙂  Mom – whats the verdict – lilies, daylilies, or other?

Still knitting over here

Contrary to what you read on the blog, I’m still knitting.  I finished 1 1/2 Jaywalker socks so far on light duty and I’ll probably finish the second in the next couple weeks (we have a sloooooow time between 2 and 5am).  I started a felted bag (my own pattern) and made the bag part over the last two days off, and I started an I-cord handle (which will also be on the agenda for slow time at work).  I’m stalled out on my lace shawl(s) for now, but I’ll come back to them soon.

“Designing” the bag I made this week got me thinking…I have a strapless sundress I bought a few weeks ago that is pretty and fun, but I know if I wear it out (to a resturant, etc) I’ll be freezing.  I don’t have any sweaters that match the dress, and in fact I don’t have any “dressy” sweaters.  I want something that is pretty, not necessarily super warm but enough to cover my shoulders.  I want it to match my dress, and I don’t want to spend a lot because i know I won’t wear it very often.  I have a shape and a basic lacy pattern in mind, but I can’t find anything online or in any of my books that is what I want (or even close enough to what I want to take some creative license with it).  Which leaves me with…designing my own sweater.

I think I’m a little crazy, because my idea is not for a basic sweater design – it’s cropped and rounded at the bottom, comes up to one button in the front, and has raglan sleeves (probably short, not sure yet).  I found/made a lace pattern I like (enough for interest but not too busy), and I think I have a basic structural plan.  I even did a swatch of the beginning to see if my idea would work, and it so far so good.  I EVEN have some sock yarn I bought two weeks ago that is the perfect color – I just need to order more (not that I know how much I need yet).  It seems like the stars are aligning and it’s time for me to design.  Stay tuned to see if this actually goes anywhere!

Backyard “before” pictures

Here is the current state of the backyard.


This is the section of the yard closest to the front yard. We’ll be taking out that pink stone pathway, and all that dirt will be grass.


Here I’m standing in the area of the first picture looking straight toward the back of the yard and the pool/swamp. The swamp will be going bye-bye, and that area will be grass as well. Up against the fence will be a garden, with a couple hibiscus bushes and stone pavers around the Bird of Paradise plant in the corner of the yard.


Standing behind the pool, looking at the other part of the yard behind the house. The stone patio area with the fireplace will stay, but the stones between there and the concrete patio will be gone.


There are a clump of these in our side yard – what a nice suprise when all that green mess started blooming!


This guy stopped in to say hello and join the bird party.


Molly likes to sit and watch the birds and squirrels in front of the sliding doors in the living room.

Lots of planning going on here

Lots of landscaping planning, that is.  We are (if all goes well) 10 days from Operation: Pool Removal, which should be followed quickly by Operation: Put Lots of Dirt in the Big Emtpy Hole and Operation: Plant a Lawn.  There is plenty to do before then, like removing some of the stone pathways and all the old ripped up plastic edging around the paths (and all the other random places I’ve found it).  Before we lay the grass I’ll going to put in stone borders for the garden areas and do some general garden maintenance – there’s a neglected Bird of Paradise plant tucked behind the pool that is in desperate need of fertilizing, pruning, and mulching.  I fear the bananas must go, but I’m thinking of getting a dwarf banana to go in a big pot on the patio.  All I need to do now is get off light duty so I can get started.

And on the work front…I start training in the dispatch center on Monday!  For now I’ll just be training on our dispatch channels, but in July I’ll go to EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) class so I can train on 911 call taking.  It’s perfect timing because I’m ready for a change at work – by the time I finish training I’m sure I’ll be ready to go back out on the ambulance, and my goal is to get a 50/50 shift where I work half in dispatch and half in the field.

I have been knitting too – I finished a sock in the last week and a half on light duty, because there is so little to do.  Yay 🙂

Guest Author

Hi there everyone, just wanted to take a minute to let you know how things are going here in my new house.   Mom and Dad take me for lots of walks, and they bought yummy treats!  My real food is pretty good too, but I’d rather eat Jake’s food.  He doesn’t like that very much.  I want to get to know him better but he doesn’t like it if I get too close, so I’m still giving him some space.  Dad bought me a comfy bed, but I don’t use it much yet – I’d rather sleep on the floor by his feet!  Last night I discovered the couch…it’s a lot more comfy than the floor, and I spent most of the day there today:molly-stretched-out.jpg

I’m taking my time to get to know my new house so I’m still pretty quiet, but I love having my belly rubbed!


I think I like it here!

Love, Molly

News Flash

Hurricane season does not begin until JUNE 1st, people. Now while I think being early is generally a good thing (for work, for doctor’s appointments, etc), showing up three weeks early for hurricane season is NOT cool.