Long Week.

Light duty is BORING.  I’m on a ten pound lifting restriction, which really limits what I can do and as a result I’m BORED!  The shoulder is feeling a little better and a little worse at the same time – the sharp pain is gone and my range of motion is back, but even just everyday activities and no lifting or pushing/pulling makes it really sore.  I have my first physical therapy appointment on Monday morning, followed immediately by my reassessment appointment at occupational health – can you say ow?  As much as I’m bored and I want to get back on the road, I want to finish at least a week (ugh…or two) of physical therapy so I’ll feel really comfortable going back to work and I won’t hurt myself again trying to work through the soreness.

I’ve had to get up really early all week (6am…which is exceptionally early when you consider my usual schedule has me getting up at 10am at the earliest), so I pretty much crash when i get home, so not much knitting.  I ordered some sock yarn from knitpicks, and some bulky wool to make some felted bowls.  Not sure why, but I have an urge to make felted bowls.  I’m on an organizational kick – I got some small boxes from work, perfect for storing (organizing!) all the little things that make up my junk drawer(s).  I also got a label maker, to label my little boxes.  I’m in heaven!  This weekend I organize.  Or, probably more realistically, think about organizing and plan what I’m going to do and then just watch Gilmore Girls reruns and knit.

One response to “Long Week.

  1. The organizing bug is biting everyone! My desktop has been visible for an *entire week* now. (Visible, though not as empty as it was last Saturday.) [mom]Don’t be a hero at your eval or PT – let them know how it feels. [/mom]

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