Lots of planning going on here

Lots of landscaping planning, that is.  We are (if all goes well) 10 days from Operation: Pool Removal, which should be followed quickly by Operation: Put Lots of Dirt in the Big Emtpy Hole and Operation: Plant a Lawn.  There is plenty to do before then, like removing some of the stone pathways and all the old ripped up plastic edging around the paths (and all the other random places I’ve found it).  Before we lay the grass I’ll going to put in stone borders for the garden areas and do some general garden maintenance – there’s a neglected Bird of Paradise plant tucked behind the pool that is in desperate need of fertilizing, pruning, and mulching.  I fear the bananas must go, but I’m thinking of getting a dwarf banana to go in a big pot on the patio.  All I need to do now is get off light duty so I can get started.

And on the work front…I start training in the dispatch center on Monday!  For now I’ll just be training on our dispatch channels, but in July I’ll go to EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) class so I can train on 911 call taking.  It’s perfect timing because I’m ready for a change at work – by the time I finish training I’m sure I’ll be ready to go back out on the ambulance, and my goal is to get a 50/50 shift where I work half in dispatch and half in the field.

I have been knitting too – I finished a sock in the last week and a half on light duty, because there is so little to do.  Yay 🙂


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