Backyard “before” pictures

Here is the current state of the backyard.


This is the section of the yard closest to the front yard. We’ll be taking out that pink stone pathway, and all that dirt will be grass.


Here I’m standing in the area of the first picture looking straight toward the back of the yard and the pool/swamp. The swamp will be going bye-bye, and that area will be grass as well. Up against the fence will be a garden, with a couple hibiscus bushes and stone pavers around the Bird of Paradise plant in the corner of the yard.


Standing behind the pool, looking at the other part of the yard behind the house. The stone patio area with the fireplace will stay, but the stones between there and the concrete patio will be gone.


There are a clump of these in our side yard – what a nice suprise when all that green mess started blooming!


This guy stopped in to say hello and join the bird party.


Molly likes to sit and watch the birds and squirrels in front of the sliding doors in the living room.

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