Still knitting over here

Contrary to what you read on the blog, I’m still knitting.  I finished 1 1/2 Jaywalker socks so far on light duty and I’ll probably finish the second in the next couple weeks (we have a sloooooow time between 2 and 5am).  I started a felted bag (my own pattern) and made the bag part over the last two days off, and I started an I-cord handle (which will also be on the agenda for slow time at work).  I’m stalled out on my lace shawl(s) for now, but I’ll come back to them soon.

“Designing” the bag I made this week got me thinking…I have a strapless sundress I bought a few weeks ago that is pretty and fun, but I know if I wear it out (to a resturant, etc) I’ll be freezing.  I don’t have any sweaters that match the dress, and in fact I don’t have any “dressy” sweaters.  I want something that is pretty, not necessarily super warm but enough to cover my shoulders.  I want it to match my dress, and I don’t want to spend a lot because i know I won’t wear it very often.  I have a shape and a basic lacy pattern in mind, but I can’t find anything online or in any of my books that is what I want (or even close enough to what I want to take some creative license with it).  Which leaves me with…designing my own sweater.

I think I’m a little crazy, because my idea is not for a basic sweater design – it’s cropped and rounded at the bottom, comes up to one button in the front, and has raglan sleeves (probably short, not sure yet).  I found/made a lace pattern I like (enough for interest but not too busy), and I think I have a basic structural plan.  I even did a swatch of the beginning to see if my idea would work, and it so far so good.  I EVEN have some sock yarn I bought two weeks ago that is the perfect color – I just need to order more (not that I know how much I need yet).  It seems like the stars are aligning and it’s time for me to design.  Stay tuned to see if this actually goes anywhere!

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