The countdown is on…TWO days until the pool is gone! I’ve been keeping busy with little projects around the yard:


The pavers that were formerly the path on the right side of the picture are GONE, and six of them are now the new grill pad.  There are a ton of roots under the path, but I think I got it mostly straight/flat.  Now the patio set can sit in the middle of the patio 🙂


These white tones are the stones that were formerly by the pool filter/pump.  I’m only three short, and I think they look pretty sharp!  AND, they’re only 15 pounds each so I could do it myself 🙂  (I needed help with the others.)  I just need to get some potting soil to fill in behind the stones, and some mulch – because I learned last winter that these puppies like to be insulated.

For a moment of zen, more pretty lilies (or daylilies, or whatever) that keep popping up:



Every new plant that starts to bloom has been a different color!  I love it 🙂  Mom – whats the verdict – lilies, daylilies, or other?


One response to “Progress

  1. Gorgeous! Daylilies. Oriental lilies have a single stalk with short, spear-shaped leaves coming off it. Day lilies have lots of leaves coming right out of the ground, and only the flowers are on the stalk.

    I love the stones around the flowers, and the grill looks perfect there. You can keep an eye on it from the kitchen now, too.

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