Going, going…

But not gone yet. Yes, after months of nastiness in the back yard, we FINALLY TOOK OUT THE POOL!


Thanks to our neighbor’s pump, it only took a few hours to drain the pool.


We found lots of suprises when we took the liner out – a dozen frogs living behind the rip in the liner! We’ve been listening to them every night for two months, and now we know who made all the tadpoles in the pool. Our neighbor has a pond, so he took as many of the tadpoles as we could catch. Taking out the pool wall was a huge pain, because all the rock had slid down on top of it.


The hole ended up being 3 1/2 feet deep on the end by the tree, and 2 1/2 by the fence – but the fence side was entirely stone, so it all slid into the hole.


We had 18 yards of dirt delivered, but the truck was so big they couldn’t maneuver it around to dump the dirt in the hole – so we had a massive dirt pile behind the house.


And here is the hole after the first 18 yards of dirt.  There’s unfortunately still a ways to go, but we made huge progress yesterday.  Two of Adam’s friends came over to help – we SO owe them.  Somewhere between getting two hours of sleep, and not eating all day, I ended up with  sunstroke.  I slept from 8pm last night to 3pm today, and I’m feeling much better.

We’ve got another 8 yards of dirt coming tomorrow, but they use a smaller truck so I’m keeping my fingers, arms, legs, and eyes crossed that they can dump the dirt right into the hole.  As much as a pain in the butt as this was, I’m still SO GLAD the pool is GONE!  Even the hole in the ground looks better 😛


2 responses to “Going, going…

  1. Oh Lisa and Adam! What a job! It certainly does look sooo much better – and when the last of the dirt arrives, you will be in business. Good going!

  2. Make sure you run a steamroller or something immensly heavy on this hole once its filled, otherwise as it rains, and it settles, you end up with a new hole, only this time with grass on top.

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