And its over

We survived Barry ’07…in fact I slept right through it.  If the rest of the season goes like this, I’ll be a happy woman.  Then plants have all perked up nicely and are practically singing.  There is some standing water in the dirt hole area, but the dirt pile didn’t wash away (my one big fear) so that will be the plan for later.  The sun  is out and the rain is supposed to be over, so I may end up going to the garden center after all.

A few months ago one of the women from my knitting group got some llama fleece from a farm near her house and sent it off for processing…it came back and we’re divvying it up this afternoon – processed llama for 85 cents an ounce!  I’m going to get there early and try to snag some white/grey, since I have a pound of the brown from christmas.  I also have an urge to spin up some bright colorful yarn (socks maybe?) so I’m going to see what they have in that arena as well.  I am still working on my mystery design project and I’m almost done (provided it works out the way I planned), so I need to go button shopping and I’ll hopefully have some pictures to show this weekend.  I’m holding off in case it doesn’t work the way I planned! 🙂


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