I gave in

After seeing everyone else talking about Ravelry, I finally got my invite!  I started posting my FOs and current projects this week, but I have to try to find some old pictures of pre-macbook projects to add as well.  I’m really enjoying the site so far.  It’s a great way to keep a record of my projects and to see in print exactly how many WIP’s I have!  It was a great reminder of some of the projects I have sitting on the back burner, and gave me some motivation to try to work on some of them again.  I need to take some online courses soon so I’m on a bit of a yarn diet…this will be good for me.

Speaking of online courses…I didn’t say much until now because I wasn’t sure if it would all come together, BUT today I took my GRE (test to get into grad school) and I did great!  The program I’m applying to wants at least a 1000 (out of 1600, like the SAT used to be) and I scored well above that.  I’m definitely satisfied and I think they’ll be happy with my score.  And all this is so…I can apply to PA (Physician Assistant) school.  I’ve been hemming and hawing for (wow) five years now about what to do next, and the stars seem to be aligning and I think this is what I really want to do.  🙂  There are NO schools with PA programs on the west coast of Florida, but a university out of Miami has a distance learning program with St. Petersburg College – they teleconference lectures, and I’ll be able to do all my clinicals in this area.  The program is designed for people like me who have jobs/houses/lives/etc and cannot go away to school, and people who can’t go to school out of this area get special consideration.    I just need to take a few prerequisite courses before I apply.  If all goes well (keeping fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes crossed) I can start in fall of 2008.  There are a lot of ifs here, but the biggest hurdle for me so far has been the GRE, and now that that is done I’m breathing much easier.

Off to garden and knit and spin and enjoy my night off 🙂


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