Things I’ve learned so far on Ravelry

Thing 1:  I don’t actually have much stash.  This is because I pretty much decide what I want to knit, then pick out the yarn to go with it.  I pretty much don’t buy yarn unless I have a specific project in mind – except sock yarn.  Which really isn’t an exception, because I know it will be socks.  This is why almost my entire stash is sock yarn.  The rest is leftovers from old projects.  I can’t decide if this is good (I don’t needlessly spend money) or bad (I need to get me some stash!)

Thing 2: I have a lot of works in progress.  Well not a LOT, but more than I thought.  I found things I forgot about.  I ripped out three different socks-in-progress that I hated and abandoned, and re-balled the sock yarn to reuse in the future.  Hence, my stash (see Thing 1).

Thing 3: I knit a lot of lace.  I knew this already, but it is even more evident from my projects page.  This is because I like lace.  And cables – but I don’t have a lot of use for cables here in Florida.  Lace is interesting, plain knitting is boring.

Thing 4: I am a selfish knitter – all but one project on there are for me!  This will hopefully change soon.  Or maybe not.

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