Lace, lace, and more lace (and some spinning)

I can’t say enough about the Beadwrangler – I ordered my beads on Saturday night, and they arrived today!  She’s actually located in Tampa (which helps), but I’m amazed at how fast she shipped my order.  I will definitely order again.  I got beads for the Zephyr wool-silk I ordered for my Mystery Stole, beads to go with the rest of my white cashmere/silk laceweight, beads to go with the cone of red merino laceweight I got from mom (hey mom, do you remember where that was from?), and beads to go with my llama that I have yet to spin.  I spun up a sample a few weeks ago, and it’s fingering weight!  I don’t know yet if I’ll even like knitting with beads, but the beads were so cheap I got lots to make the shipping worth it.  If I like the beads I’ll use them again in the future, and if not it’s no big loss.

I knit a swatch for the Mystery Stole using my 80/20 cashmere silk laceweight yarn (the same as I’m using for the Alpine Lace shawl) even though I’m not using that yarn – I had to try out those beads!  The beading is pretty easy, just fiddly with such a teeny tiny eensy weensy crochet hook (seriously, I can barely see the hook).  I like the look of the beads; they are small enough that they’re not gaudy, but have enough sparkle to make it special.



A little messy getting used to the beading, but  I think I like it.  This was knitted on 3mm needles.

I’ve also been spinning my hand-dyed (by a woman from knitting group) merino and I LOVE it.  I really enjoy seeing the colors come out!  I have 1 1/2 bobbins done and I hope to finish the second and ply it tonight.  It is spinning up nice and fine, so I’m hoping to get sock weight yarn for socks.  I’m interested in trying navajo plying too, so I’ll probably take whatever is left after the first two bobbins and give it a whirl.

I have the next three days off, so I’m hoping to make a large dent in the Alpine Lace shawl (or maybe finish it…but that might be a little optimistic) before the 29th when the Mystery Stole-along starts.  I’ll keep you advised.

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