Check it out

We have grass!

Actually, it looks like this:

I got 15 trays of grass plugs and put them in yesterday (and this morning), and they only covered half of the area I thought they would cover. They’re spaced out about a foot apart which was the recommendation they gave me, and each tray of 18 plugs was supposed to cover 32 square feet – but clearly it didn’t. Thats ok though, I’ll go next weekend and get another 15 trays to finish the back half of the yard. i’m not going to tackle the mulched area yet, because I would need to rent a tiller and tear it up and it is way way too hot for that. If the back half grows well, I’ll do the other half next spring.

I got my Jagger wool-silk in the mail today (that I ordered last Saturday – what service!), and knit up my official mystery stole swatch. I LOVE this yarn. It is silky and drapey and yummy. The beads I picked go very well with it too. Once all this crazy lace knitting is done (or at least when the mystery stole-along is done) I have an idea for a shawl pattern to work out, and I’ll definitely use this yarn for it. It comes either in a 1 lb cone (no weaving in ends in lace!) or various vendors sell it in 2 ox (650 yds) or 4 oz increments. The one I got is 4 oz (about 1300 yds) because the shawl calls for about 1200 yds.


I’ve done 4 1/2 repeats of the 8-row center pattern on the alpine lace, and hope to get 2 more done tonight. That will leave 13 8 row repeats, 8 rows of garter stitch, three 16-row repeats of the border, then 8 rows of garter stitch. I can totally do all that in nine days, right? Even though i only have two days off between now and then? I think I can, I think I can….

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