Alpine Lace Update

I’m almost at my “deadline” for the alpine lace, and here’s what I have left:

7 8-row pattern repeats

+ 8 rows of garter stitch

+ 3 16-row pattern repeats

+ 8 rows of garter stitch

= 120 more rows

I have three days (including today) before the mystery stole pattern comes out…which puts me at 40 rows per day. That’s… 5 8-row repeats. I don’t know if I’ll be done by Friday, but I’m really impressed at how much I’ve done in the last week or so. It’s also gotten me motivated to get cracking on some other projects that have been in hibernation for a while too.

I’m transitioning back to mid shifts on the ambulance (long story) so I’m exhausted again. Then in a few weeks I move to days for two weeks to take dispatch class, then i move back to nights (hopefully for good) to train on 911 call taking. My body has no clue what time of day it is any more.

In other news…my Macbook is broken 😦 There is a crack in the palm rest right by the right front edge of the computer. I went online and found that this is a common problem with Macbooks that came out around the same time as I bought mine, and that Apple will (should) fix it for free. I have a 6:30 appointment at the Apple store in Tampa to have it looked at, and hopefully I can get it taken care of right there. I hope their service is worth what I paid for the warranty!

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