Beautiful sunshiny day

The grass plugs in the backyard had their first haircut today!  They haven’t filled in much but they are bushy and happy, and they’ll fill in with time.


There’s blooms on the flowers:


And the lace is blocking.


I finished clue 2 of the mystery stole yesterday, and so far it’s been pretty easy to keep up.  Clues are released on Fridays and Friday is my day off, so I’m trying to do as much as I can on the day the clues come out so I don’t get behind.  I’ll show a picture after next week’s clue once I can see a little more about what is happening with the pattern.  It looks really nice, and i love the feel of the zephyr wool-silk.

It was a rough week here…work was busy and it is HOT and HUMID outside, which puts me on edge to begin with.  Then, Thursday the air conditioning in the house went out.  The repair man came yesterday morning and luckily it was just a burned out wire, but he warned us that the unit is getting old (9 years) and soon we’ll have to think about replacing it.  The air is on for now though, at least.

3 responses to “Beautiful sunshiny day

  1. Hopefully the repairman was just having some wishful thinking about new A/C. When I replaced my A/C it was 25 years old, and it failed due to lack of maintinance, not due to the age. (At the same point I replaced the outside unit as a precautionary even though the old one was still functioning fine)

  2. Compared to the June 22 picture, those plugs are growing beautifully! Good luck with the AC. We are enjoying ours this summer – especially on the 90 degree days we have had recently (tomorrow as well). Gigi leaves for California to see her granddaughter, Anna on Monday. Uncle Pete and Aunt Betty are coming the following week. Miss you lots. Hope you can come up in Sept.
    Love, Grandma

  3. Thanks for the update photos – Paul & I were wondering how the plugs were doing. Beautiful lace, too! Hope works calms down soon.

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