Bridal Knot Shawl…decision time

Tonight I pulled out the bridal knot shawl for the first time in six months (or maybe more).  After finishing Alpine Lace, my first thought was that this yarn was thick and bulky, and my second thought was that the shawl was really heavy.  And big.  I figured it was because I just finished using cobweb weight yarn and my fingers just had to get used to it.  Then I knit a few pattern repeats…and realized that the shawl is REALLY heavy.  And then I remembered that when i measured just the center section, it stretched out to 5′ across.  Which means that when I add the two borders, this is going to be at least 8′ in diameter.  And heavy.

I wonder if I subliminally knew this last fall when I put the shawl into hibernation.  As much as I wish there was another alternative, I think I’m going to have to frog it.  (Wow, it hurts just thinking that!)  I still love the pattern, and I still definitely want to make it…I just need to get a cone of thinner yarn and size 0 needles.

I know this is what I have to do….but it’ll probably take me a few days to be able to rip it all out.


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