FO’s everywhere

It is FO week here at chez knittingmedic…first the alpine lace, then i (started and) finished a calorimetry headwarmer:


It’s too hot today to model it, so more on that later.

I also finished my second pair of Jaywalkers:


I also started a new pair of socks at work the other night, using the Sockotta yarn I won in the MS ride raffle. They are my first pair of toe-up socks, and also my first pair of socks knitted with the magic loop method. I’m not sure I love the magic loop yet, but it’s growing on me. Adam leaves tomorrow for a week to visit family up north, so I’ll have the whole weekend to hunker down and knit – the bridal knot shawl is calling!

I also got my credits transferred to the local community college so I can finish my prerequisites for the PA program – now I just have to convince the professor to let me in to Organic Chemistry without all the prerequisites!


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