Day off

I started on nights again last night…then had to get up today for a 1pm orthodontist appointment.  Just for the record, getting up early to go have my braces adjusted is not my idea of a super fun time.  I now have some brand-new steel archwires (instead of the heat-sensitive titanium ones I had before) and an elastic tie on the bottom for good measure.  Not too sore yet, but I’m bracing for tonight and tomorrow.  It’s a great excuse to have milkshakes and smoothies for a few days 🙂

I started Wicked last Tuesday.   I’m using Misti Cotton (Pima cotton/silk blend) in a deep purple/eggplant color.  It feels really yummy as I knit it up, and it has great yardage for the price (one of my primary requrements of yarn lately, with school bills coming).  It is knit from the top down, and I’m at the point where I need to separate the sleeves and the body.  Pictures once I make the split and see how it fits.

I’m also trucking along on my Mystery Stole 3.   The clues come out each Friday and the first two weeks I hauled along and finished the clues on the day they were released, then had withdrawal all week waiting for the next clue.  Week three I took my time and finished it on Thursday night, so that Friday morning I was all ready and excited for the next clue.  Week four (last Friday) was a really big clue because it’ll be two weeks until the next clue, and I’m trying to decide whether to add the extra repeat and lengthen the stole.  Once I decide I’ll post a new picture.  I’m still very pleased with the pattern, and somehow I haven’t gotten tired of knitting something despite having no idea how it will come out.

AND Harry Potter book 7 finally came out!  I got my copy at 10 am, read the first two chapters before work, then (miracle of miracles) we had a slow shift and I read the entire book at work.  I’m not telling what happens so don’t bother asking, but I’ll say that it was very well written and was a satisfying end to the series.   I laughed, I cried…and I can’t wait to read it again.  Actually, I want to read them all again, but the first five are still up in NY.  I’ll have to get those (and all my other books) next time I go home.

We’re finally getting rain, and the yard and garden are so happy…we’re also knee deep in hurricane season and we’re just sitting here waiting to see what happens.  Our storms this week have been impressive, lots of thunder and lightning and big scary clouds, but not a lot of rain here at our house.  There have been several tornado sightings in the area but none have touched down.  Yet another benefit of working in dispatch – the building is extra super reinforced, and I get to stay indoors during storms.  Yay 🙂


One response to “Day off

  1. That’s my girl! I want to read it, but haven’t had the time yet.

    How’s this for lame – I txt you while reading your blog, then leave a comment.

    Enjoy the movie!

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