Beautiful weekend…that I’m spending at work

Even though tonight will be day (night) five out of six in a row, i’ve managed to catch some glimpses of summer:


The “golden torch” (false bird of paradise) in the backyard is going crazy – it loves the heat and doesn’t seem to need water.


This is the hibiscus bush that I hacked back to the fence line a few months ago…it’s going crazy!  It’s full of blooms.

The grass is growing like a weed – no new pictures because it desperately needs a haircut (and pictures of watching grass grow are probably only interesting to me).

I finished Wicked – it came out really well!  I just have to sew in the ends and take some pictures – I’ll post them on Tuesday probably.  I started a cabled scarf to go with the Odessa hat I made a couple weeks ago, but for once I’m finishing more projects than I’m starting.

Now off to work…


One response to “Beautiful weekend…that I’m spending at work

  1. I knew it would come back! Keep after it – or by the end of Sept it will be 15 ft tall again.
    Did you get a picture of the Quakers? that is SO cool!

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