Knitting and BEADS!

Today I made a Bauble.  Check it out:


This was so much fun!  Stringing the beads was tedious, but watching it come together was so much fun.  I cast on two stitches instead of three, then knit until it was just shorter than the circumference of my wrist (to allow for some stretching).  It’s a little heavy, but I’m really pleased at how it came out.  I will definitely make more – maybe with smaller beads next time so it won’t be so heavy.

This is my last week of training in dispatch, then hopefully next week (or within a few weeks) I’ll be in there full time on my own.  I worked a shift on the ambulance last night and really enjoyed it – I needed the break.  Fall semester classes start next week, so this will be my last week of overtime for a little bit, so I can get used to my new (crazy) schedule and have a little me time again.

I’ve had finishitis tonight…I sewed in the ends on two calorimetries, a wicked, and my re-done clapotis.   So that leaves on the needles…a scarf, another Wicked, the Mystery Stole, a pair of socks, and several hibernating projects that I won’t mention here.  I had better get cracking!

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