48 Hours

In 48 hours, I made this:


Pattern: Monkeys

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill

Needles: US Size 2

This Cherry Tree Hill yarn has been knit and frogged at least three times, but once I found the right pattern it flew by.  The Monkey pattern is easy to  memorize, but it’s not very elastic and the sock came out a leeeetle big.  Next time I think I’ll try it on US 1 needles instead of US 2’s.

My first week of school is now over, and it went very well.  My online class (Intro to Psychology) looks like it’ll be interesting…maybe not fun, but it shouldn’t be too much of a pain.  I was really nervous about my Chemistry class after my instructor made a big deal about how difficult the class would be, but she gave an “assessment” test on the first day of class and I did okay.  I went back and figured out what I missed and what I need to study, so I should be OK.  It’ll mean some extra studying (especially early on), but I REALLY want (and need) to do well in this class so hopefully the extra motivation will help.  Lab sounds like fun, and I was really relieved to find out that we don’t have to write full lab reports.  I may have a little knitting time this semester after all!


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