Vacation, but not really

Adam’s dad and his fiancee came to town this week, so I rearranged my schedule and had four whole days off in a row!  We were so busy though, that it flew by and I feel like I just left work and now I’m back again.  (Actually, I was back last night but too busy to blog.)  It was a great visit though, and aside from a huge thunderstorm while we were trying to grill out on the boat, it was a good week.  Some highlights:

Huge live oak tree at the sunken gardens

Ros and I went to the Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg, and it was beautiful!  It’s still too hot this time of year to really sit and enjoy, but I’ll definitely be going back once the weather cools off a bit.  They have an amazing assortment of native plants, and it feels like you’re in the middle of the jungle!  This live oak was at the edge of a large stone patio area that they use for weddings and such.  They had a butterfly garden (I was drooling over the plants) and lots of birds.


Grandma, these are for you 🙂  I’ve never seen them up so close before, and they are very cool.  I don’t imagine I’ll be getting these at my backyard feeder any time soon.  There were some huge macaws too, but the pictures didn’t come out.

Cinder block garden

My new cinder block garden/wall!  The dirt area on the left of the patio floods every time it rains, so we’re going to use the cinder blocks as a retaining wall and add some dirt and mulch to that area to stop the flooding.  The holes in the cinder blocks make great flowerpots!  These salvias should get nice and bushy and make a good border, and I got some pentas to put on the ends.  I also (finally!) got an allemanda vine/bush for the back garden, it has amazing huge yellow flowers (no pictures, it started raining again as soon as I went out to take them) and I got some small coleus plants as well.  The garden is starting to come together nicely, and as you can see in the picture the grass is out of control again!  I need to take the weed whacker or the mower to it on my next day off.  It’s filling in nicely though. 

In knitting…I got my knitpicks order (less than a week from order to my door – love it!) and started in on the tank top I’m test knitting.  I’m liking the CotLin so far, but I’m only 12 rows in so I’ll wait to give my opinion until I get to try it a little more.  The stockinette swatch was very nice fabric though.

School is going well so far, not much going on there.  Is it bad that I’m already counting down the days until the semester is over? 


One response to “Vacation, but not really

  1. Thanks for the pics of the flamingos! Keep the faith and maybe someday you will have some in your backyard too. They do appear in the strangest places – who would have thought that the “Highland Drive Wildlife Refuge” would attract sooo many!

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