Things that make me happy

It was cool enough (only 85 degrees!) this afternoon to go out and do a little bit of yardwork. I weed-whacked the grass and finished planting (most of) the plants I got last week.

Half of yard

Other half of yard


There just aren’t words…it is so calm and relaxing to just sit down out there and take it all in. It’ll be even better once the hibiscus and allamanda fill in and the fence is covered. The grass is starting to fill in:

Grass Filling in

But some places are still not filling in. Note the rocks in the way:

Grass not filling in

I’ll give it through the winter. If they don’t fill in by then, I’ll move them to the rest of the yard and put mulch or stone over in that area. I’m LOVING having grass though, even if it’s still scraggly. Now that it’s September, it’s starting to feel like the end of summer is finally in sight. In the next few weeks I’ll start veggie seedlings for the fall/winter so that they’ll be ready to plant in October.

One response to “Things that make me happy

  1. Wow that grass is growing in amazingly quick. theres no reason to wait any longer, get rid of that dirt and finish the planting! Your whole yard could be filled in already!!

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