Finding my inner computer geek

I apologize in advance, I’m tweaking my blog and changing a bunch of things around, trying to figure out whether I’m satisfied with what I can do with my blog or whether to take the big switch to my own domain name and a “real” website. 

A lot of it is coming down to deciding what I want from my blog.  Do I want a website too?  How much bandwidth do I think I’ll need?    Do I want to seriously get into designing knitting patterns, and if so do I want to sell them or offer them for free?  Am I going to keep my blog directed mainly towards family and friends, or do I want to try to get more blog traffic?  I like the way I have things now.  I use my blog largely for general updates about my life and what I’m up to down here in Florida, as a way for family and friends back home to know what I’m up to.  Sometimes, I just post to vent or just to write, and I don’t expect anyone to read it or have any interest.

I also like the knit-blog thing too.  I enjoy posting updates to my projects and (occasionally) hearing from other people who have either made the same thing or saw it on Ravelry.  Ravelry has been great, and I really enjoy the community there.  I would like to get more into the knitting aspect of the blog and post more regularly.  As I said before, I also want to start designing and offering patterns on my blog, and I would like my blog to be more “knit-friendly” for people who aren’t intersted in reading about the minutiae of my personal life.  (I would also like to still be able to post things about my life without worrying about stalkers.)

I’m trying .mac, but I’m not sure it’s what I’m looking for.  I’m pretty HTML/CSS-illiterate, but I would like to learn more and design a blog/webpage that is unique to me, rather than a template.  The price for domain hosting would be about the same as .mac, so it’ll probably come down to which will allow me to do what I want to do, without being too complicated.

I’ve got lots to ponder.  For now, I’ve started putting my posts into categories, so people who only want to read about knitting, or gardening, or life in general can skim by category.  Any ideas/imput/suggestions?

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