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I can’t believe this made the news

You have to read this article.  I promise the links in this post are safe, even though they look strange.

Yes, I have a third grade sense of humor. I’ll be sure to find something more grown-up next time.

Edited to add:  Oh my god, I just found the event website.   Check out the merchandise…wow!


Happy Birthday Adam!

Adam and Zombie Molly

Happy Birthday Adam! (And of course Molly had to get in on the action.)

Yarn (and fiber) Therapy

What’s the best way to soothe a massive freak-out about my future?

Inca Cotton

Three skeins (almost 1000 yards) of all natural, organic, soft cottony goodness. I have a store bought cabled shawl-neck sweater that I love that I plan to duplicate use as inspiration.  It’s also my motivation to finish my test knitting project quickly, because I’m not letting myself start until the test knitting is done.

I also got 4oz of kelly green merino roving that will become sock yarn, and 2 oz of plain merino to play with thrums.  That just looks like so much fun!  I might just have to break my “must finish test knitting first” rule to make myself a pair before I go home in a few weeks.

Now to go pet my cottony goodness and soothe my nervous breakdown…

Holy cow

It’s done…I just submitted my PA school application.  Wow.  I know I’m going to wake up in the morning and realize I forgot something important, but there’s kind of relief at knowing I can’t do anything else now but wait.  Adam finally got me through my writer’s block and I finished my application essay, and I think it actually turned out pretty well.  It’s like happiness and relief and dread all at the same time.  At least it’s done.

In a daze

This was a rough week.  I started out with two Chemistry midterms last Thursday (class and lab), followed by two extra shifts last weekend.  Monday I went straight from work to an ACLS class all day (which was pointless because I just recertified in May, but thus is Pinellas County EMS – pointless).  I went home and slept for six hours, then stayed up and studied and went to class Tuesday morning.  Worked Tuesday night, had Wednesday night off, class and lab on Thursday, had Thursday night off which I spent studying for my Psych midterm yesterday (for which I had to get up three hours early), then worked last night.  Today, for the first time all week, I got a normal night’s (day’s) sleep and got up at the usual time… and it’s back to normal this week.  Luckily I did very well on all my tests and passed ACLS (again).

I also got a chance to look at what my schedule will be for next semester…and it won’t be pretty.  I’m taking Anatomy and Physiology II (and lab) online (should be ok – I’ve done all that before), and taking Chemistry II and Organic Chemistry I (both with labs) in class.  I’ll have class Monday through Thursday, with labs two of those days.  I figured out how to work it so my labs are on the days I don’t work (so I can sleep), and for the rest I’ll just have to get up, go to class, and go home and sleep for a few hours.  Working nights is frustrating as far as daytime activities are concerned, but the plus side is that if I were working days I wouldn’t be able to go to school.  I may be sleep deprived, but at least I’m getting these classes done.  The real upshot is that I’ll have all my prerequisites done in time to (keeping my fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes crossed) go to PA school in the fall.  And THAT will make it all worth it.  Now I just have to get in…

I’m really thankful that I have a job where I can knit.  I’m still really enjoying dispatch – I never realized how stressed I was all the time while I was working out on the road until I stopped doing it every day.  Between that and eating food that is not making me sick, I’m feeling great!  (even with the sleep deprivation).  It gives me a chance to do homework or study (once it calms down after midnight) or knit – I’ve gotten a lot done!  My coworkers think I’m a little kooky, but they’re used to it now.  It’s working out really well right now, because I have a new (paid and super secret) test knitting project to try to finish before my trip next month.

Speaking of my trip next month…I’M GOING HOME FOR A VISIT!  I’m flying up to Rochester midday on November 9th, and going home early on Monday the 12th.  I hear there’s already a family birthday party (?) that weekend so hopefully I’ll get to see everyone in one shot.  I can’t wait, both for the vacation and to see everyone – I miss you guys!

Checking in

I’m still here…running from work, back home to sleep, back to work again.  I’m in ACLS all day today (thank goodness for free WiFi) then going home to crash for a few (or several) hours, but at least I’m off tonight.  Yay!

The book crisis has passed.

Sorry for my crazy woman rant in the last post…I’ve calmed down now. I got my book in the mail Friday, did my assignment, and read the first five chapters over the weekend. As I suspected, it’s pretty much the same. I knew it would be, but for my own sanity I had to be sure that I was studying the right information.

It is finally cooling down here (only 90 today!), so I took advantage of the lovely weather to weed the front garden.  The grass runners had pretty much taken over because it was too hot to weed all summer.  It looks much better now 🙂  No pictures because I just finished, and it’s dark out.  The previous owners had cheap plastic edging that looks like crap and keeps coming apart, so I’m going to look into doing some stone edging and new plantings over the winter.

Not really any knitting…I have midterms in Chem and Chem Lab this week, and my Psych midterm next week, so you know what I’ll be doing.  (If I’m a good girl and get my Chapter 4 review done tonight, I might treat myself to a new pattern though!  I’ve been waiting forever to knit Sizzle, and I have the yarn waiting…)