Figured out why our internet has been down…

Our internet was down for four days, hence the lack of posts/emails/etc. The cable guy came yesterday to look into it, and informed us that our spotty connection for the last ten months (which we’ve had FOUR different cable guys out to check) is because the cables running through the attic are chewed up. The inspector told us when we bought the house that there was OLD evidence of rodents in the attic, and we’ve seen nothing new since then (we sealed up all the holes we could find on the outside of the house) – so I’m hoping really really hard that this is old damage – we’ve had problems since we first moved in. Either way, the exterminators are coming out just in case. Eeewwww….

But the guy replaced the cable and the internet is back, better than ever. I finished two of my pairs of socks-in-progress, and cast on a new pair for mindless work knitting. A coworker just had a baby, so last night I started a Baby Yoda Sweater with some blue Plymouth Dreambaby DK superwash yarn. I’m working on the endless body pattern of the Telemark Ski Sweater (again…so it’ll be slow). I’ve also made good progress on Christmas knitting. All in all, I’ve finished more projects than I’ve started, so it’s all good.

The county came by and dug out the ditch in front of our house, which attracted a horde of birds to eat the grass seeds that were stirred up:

We’ve had all kinds of wildlife around here lately – the usual frogs, birds, bugs, and lizards, but also some rabbits (including two teeny babies hiding in the backyard grass), an opossum, a massive moth (no lie – five inches across), and an adult deer with a decent set of antlers. That reminds me – I need to change the food in the bird feeder, we should be getting new birds flying south for the winter! A friend gave us a bird book, so I can identify the unusual ones. The only new ones we’ve seen are some mourning doves, but they left before I could get a picture.

The weather here is finally cooling down (which means only 70’s – 80’s during the day and 60’s at night), which means I can get back to yardwork and spending time outdoors! The front garden is overgrown with grass runners, and some of the plants in the back garden died from the drought this summer. I’ll have to plant earlier next year and make sure to get them well established before summer.

Molly says hi!
Molly CUTE!

3 responses to “Figured out why our internet has been down…

  1. How cool to have white and black ibis eating the seed instead of the “ugly” grackles we would get!

  2. Hi Molly! What a doll! Did you know we have a third cat named Casper? He is the life of the house these days. Another Kelleher offspring.

  3. sooo cute! my neice is beautiful!

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