For an (allegedly) intelligent person, I’m sure dumb sometimes.

So, I’m taking this online class.  Everything is going really well, I have a midterm in two weeks and I’ve been studying hard.  I went online today to do this week’s assignment, flip open my textbook to the pages indicated, and the reading assignment isn’t there.  No one else seems to have had a problem finding the reading, so I click over to check the syllabus and make sure I have the right edition of the book.  La de dah….

I HAVE THE WRONG DAMN BOOK!  Not just the wrong edition…the WRONG BOOK ENTIRELY.  I double check in the syllabus, and the chapters in my book are EXACTLY THE SAME…until the SEVENTH WEEK OF THE $&@*#&# SEMESTER.  Six weeks too late to return the book for a refund.  I went in to beg their mercy at the bookstore because I bought the ONLY BOOK for my section of the class, and they inform me that I should have used their online feature to buy my book, as the book I bought is for the classroom section.  Silly me.  So I sold back my $70 WRONG BOOK for $27.  I know I can’t really blame anyone but myself, but I’m unbelievably frustrated right now.  I had hoped to exchange my book for the correct book, but no.  The Textbook Nazi lady  who was manning the desk in the bookstore shot that one down before I could finish the sentence.  I’m going to have to buy the new book from Amazon and have it sent overnight shipping so I can finish this week’s homework on time and start studing ALL OVER AGAIN for my midterm that is in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS.

This is not fair.  NOT FAIR!

(I know it’s my fault.  I know I can’t blame anyone but myself.  But I’m hoping that venting and whining and crying and writing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS will help ease some of the financial pain of buying an entirely new book for this class.  I’m sure the material is pretty much the same and it won’t be all that much extra studying.  But Christmas is coming and I wanted to go home for a visit…and I didn’t need this right now.)

2 responses to “For an (allegedly) intelligent person, I’m sure dumb sometimes.

  1. Poor baby! Though you think that “buying textbooks” would be something you’d’ve picked up in your undergraduate career. Just another way the SUNY system fails its students, eh? 😀

  2. Next time try selling it on Amazon! I’ve sold several textbooks (including one that the school wasn’t using anymore since it was older), and I typically get as much or more for them even after paying the shipping to send them out.

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