The book crisis has passed.

Sorry for my crazy woman rant in the last post…I’ve calmed down now. I got my book in the mail Friday, did my assignment, and read the first five chapters over the weekend. As I suspected, it’s pretty much the same. I knew it would be, but for my own sanity I had to be sure that I was studying the right information.

It is finally cooling down here (only 90 today!), so I took advantage of the lovely weather to weed the front garden.  The grass runners had pretty much taken over because it was too hot to weed all summer.  It looks much better now 🙂  No pictures because I just finished, and it’s dark out.  The previous owners had cheap plastic edging that looks like crap and keeps coming apart, so I’m going to look into doing some stone edging and new plantings over the winter.

Not really any knitting…I have midterms in Chem and Chem Lab this week, and my Psych midterm next week, so you know what I’ll be doing.  (If I’m a good girl and get my Chapter 4 review done tonight, I might treat myself to a new pattern though!  I’ve been waiting forever to knit Sizzle, and I have the yarn waiting…)

One response to “The book crisis has passed.

  1. Good luck on your exams – I know you will do fine! Cooled off to 90? Wow. We’ve had unusually warm weather too. It was 85 yesterday. Not exactly a typical mid-Oct. in Rochester.
    Love, Grandma

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