Yarn (and fiber) Therapy

What’s the best way to soothe a massive freak-out about my future?

Inca Cotton

Three skeins (almost 1000 yards) of all natural, organic, soft cottony goodness. I have a store bought cabled shawl-neck sweater that I love that I plan to duplicate use as inspiration.  It’s also my motivation to finish my test knitting project quickly, because I’m not letting myself start until the test knitting is done.

I also got 4oz of kelly green merino roving that will become sock yarn, and 2 oz of plain merino to play with thrums.  That just looks like so much fun!  I might just have to break my “must finish test knitting first” rule to make myself a pair before I go home in a few weeks.

Now to go pet my cottony goodness and soothe my nervous breakdown…

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