Just call me Betty Crocker

I finally gave in to my craving for baked goods:

First Gluten-Free Cake

My first Gluten-Free cake! To be honest, it’s not very good, but I put a lot of frosting on and I’m eating it anyway. With my birthday coming up next month, I’m on the hunt for a GOOD cake recipe that I can enjoy that day. I’m tired of stressing over food, and I figure that’s the one day I should be able to eat whatever I want. (I may just end up making a cheesecake without a crust…mmmm, cheesecake….)

There has been knitting…but mostly super secret test knitting and christmas knitting, which makes the knitting portion of this blog pretty boring. I have some projects I’ve been using as bribery to finish the rest of my other projects on time, so I’ll be able to get to those soon.

T-minus one week until I leave for Rochester!

One response to “Just call me Betty Crocker

  1. Lisa, when is your birthday? I make a coincidentaly gluten free chocolate cake that is to die for. Just ask adams mom, or adam, or keri, or her bf.. they all know the story! My offer still stands to make either that or my equally amazing cheesecake when i come down.. let me know.

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