It’s gonna be a good week

So on the docket for this week…I’m off tonight, I have a personal day tomorrow, I work Wednesday, I’m off Thursday, and Friday I GO TO ROCHESTER! Not a bad week.

I finally decided what to do with the yummy organic cotton I got a few weeks ago – I’m making Twist by Bonne Marie Burns. I really enjoyed knitting Ariann (so much that I made it twice!), and I hope that Twist comes out just as well. I’m making some mods – I’m using a bulkier yarn and bigger needles, so I’m making the smallest size and adapting as I need to. I’m also going to omit the hood and make a large ribbed collar instead (like one of my store-bought sweaters that I love). It may not work out, but I’m really enjoying the way it’s knitting up so far.

Twist Cardigan - back

The yarn is two ply – one sage, one natural – and I love the way it knits up. The cables blend in to the fabric but stand out just enough that they are noticeable. It’s a little heavy, but it is knitted in pieces and seamed together which I think will give it structure.

I have some bright green roving that is destined to become a new pair of socks, and a spin/knit along came up in the redheads group on Ravelry – to knit (and/or spin) something green in the month of November. I’ve been itching to spin for a while, and now I have a perfect reason!


2 responses to “It’s gonna be a good week

  1. T minus 3! Can’t wait to see you.
    Love, Grandma

  2. Just saying hello.. . you showed up as a ‘neighbor’ today on Ravelry 🙂

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