Great weekend

What a great trip! Friday night Mom, Paul, Sean, Staffan and I all had dinner together and then watched old home movies from 1989 (Sean was 4, I was 7). Yesterday we ran some errands and took a tour of the east side – stops in Pittsford, East Rochester, and then to Schutt’s farm market in Webster. The yarn store that used to be in Midtown has moved to East Rochester and expanded, and it’s nice! Great yarn selection, some fiber (all BFL which isn’t my favorite, but at least they have something) and lots of books and magazines. I picked up two back issues of Interweave that I have been searching for (no luck on the Fall 2006 Knitscene or Winter 2006 IK). Last night was Heidi’s birthday at Grandma’s, and it was really nice to see everyone…just too short. Today I’m hanging out watching the Miami/Buffalo game with Mom and Paul, and later I’m going to Johan’s to have dinner and visit with the family and Farmor, who is in town from Sweden. Three days is not enough, but it’s been a great visit so far and I’m really glad I was able to get up here, even if only for a few days. I’ve taken some pictures, but I forgot the cable for my camera so they’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

Thank you Linda for helping me get home! It’s been a fantastic trip 🙂

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