I call a do over

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, calls, and cards 🙂

I am apparently reaching the age where birthdays are less fun than they used to be, because yesterday was kind of blah.  I’m hoping it was just the circumstances though, because I am a firm believer that your birthday is your special day, damn it, and it is meant to be special no matter what.

My first mistake was working Friday night, meaning I spent the first six hours of my birthday at work.  (I knew there was a reason I never work on my b-day!)  Then I went home, couldn’t sleep, then finally fell asleep and slept until almost TEN PM.  I know I like to sleep, but that was rediculous even for me.  I didn’t miss anything though, because Friday night when Adam got to work his boss informed him that he had to go in to work five hours early yesterday and do a standby at a parade – AND work his regular shift.  So…dinner plans were already out.  Then my going-out plans were shot, because Melissa ended up having her kids.  I ended up relaxing, knitting, and watching movies.  I also made myself some gluten-free fudge truffle brownies, which were delicious (thanks Mom!)

So, I call a do-over.  Adam is trying to take tomorrow night off work (keeping my fingers, arms, legs, and toes crossed) and we’re going to go out to a nice dinner at a celiac-friendly restaurant.  Melissa and I will go out the next weekend we have off.  It’s all good.

Definitely the highlight of my day was getting to have a nice long conversation with Mom while heading home from work – a great way to end a cruddy night at work, and really great that neither one of us had to run do something else.  Thanks for having me Mom 🙂

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