Christmas rush

Haven’t posted because there’s not much to post…I’ve been knitting exclusively Christmas things, so I can’t post pictures yet.  I’m doing pretty well – only three more things to finish this weekend, then everything gets shipped out next week.  I have a few other things to shop for as well, but by the middle of next week I should be done.

On the non-knitting front…not much else there either.  Ended up with A’s in all my classes this semester (woohoo), and I’m looking forward to three weeks (or four?  have to check) of not having to get up/stay up for class.  My application stuff for PA school is finally done and I’m just waiting on them to send in a physical copy to Barry, but it’s available to them online as well.  My school bills are due January 3rd, so if I don’t hear from PA school by New Year’s I’ll give them a call.  I’m pretty much resigned to taking 12 credits next semester though.

Possible promotion opportunity at work…more on that later.

Bought fabric and a pattern to make a quilt for our “new” bedroom (we’re going to redecorate it after New Year’s).  Very excited to get started, but I’m not letting myself start until Christmas knitting is done.  It looks like for a while work will be for knitting, and home will be for sewing.  And spinning.

Oooh I finally was up during daylight hours yesterday (not going to discuss how screwed up my internal clock/sleep schedule is right now) and I weeded the gardens, pulled out dead plants, and raked the backyard.  All I need to to do today is cut the grass, and the yard will finally look nice again.  Then I can take pictures 🙂


One response to “Christmas rush

  1. Weeding and mowing on Dec. 14th!!! We just came off a (not-too-bad) snow storm and they are saying we may have a BLIZZARD on Sunday. One projection is for 2 feet of the white stuff. Sure hope they are wrong.
    Congrats on your supurb grades this past semester. Wow!
    Love you lots, Grandma

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