Date night

Last night Adam and I went over to Tampa and had a date night – dinner out, and a hockey game!  We saw the Toronto Maple Leafs (!) play the TB Lightning.  It was a pretty good game, and it was amazing to see the Leafs in person after so many years of watching on TV.  The Leafs scored first, and the Bolts answered right back…then with less than a minute left in the game, Lecavalier scored the winning goal for TB.  Very exciting ending to the game, and even though the Leafs didn’t win it was a good game.  I’m definitely going to have to go to more games.  Lecavalier is a big deal around here, and now I understand why – that last shot was great.  The best part?  We got $8 day-of-game tickets.  Yeah, we were sitting in the very top row, but we had a great view.

Now I head into two long weekends at work…I work Friday through Tuesday this weekend, and Friday through Wednesday next weekend.  Long hours but gotta love holiday pay.   I cast on for the Central Park Hoodie Tuesday, and I’m 12″ up the back already – love the pattern!  I’m using some dark pink Cascade 220 which is a little rougher than I’d like, but I think a good wash will soften it up nicely.  I have a couple other cardigans in my queue, and once I get my paycheck with the holiday pay and pay my school bill, I’m treating myself to some Silky Wool to make the Tangled Yoke Cardigan.

Gotta clean the house – company’s coming!

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