Official Post-Holiday Post

I survived the Holidays! I am never working 11 shifts in 14 days again. The paycheck will be great (just in time to buy books for school), but it was rough. My Christmas was nice and quiet, and we got to spend a couple days with Keri while she was here (come back soon!). I have one last FO from 2007 – the Central Park Hoodie. I started it on the 22nd, and finished a few hours before midnight on the 31st. This was a great project, and definitely worth the wait for it to come out on the Knitting Daily website.

Yarn: Cascade 220 (5 hanks)
Needles: Size 6 and 8
Size: 36
Mods: None! (This is really impressive for me)

Central Park Hoodie

CPH Front

CPH Back with hood

CPH Back without hood

I love it. As I’ve read the sizes do run small, so I had to block it pretty strictly, but it fits great. I found really cute buttons too:

CPH Buttons

Definitely a great way to finish the year!

I got iLife ’08 for my MacBook last week, and I’m working on setting up a new website and my OWN DOMAIN!  More on that soon…


3 responses to “Official Post-Holiday Post

  1. Love those buttons. Nice job on the sweater! Thanks for the call. Loved hearing your voice. Love, G.

  2. OMG Lisa that’s gorgeous! I am so getting some Cascade for a sweater. Love the buttons, and the color, and the cables – all of it!

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