Just call me Captain

As of January 21st, I will officially be an Assistant Communications Supervisor! I interviewed last Friday and found out Tuesday.  I think I’m a little crazy taking this job at the beginning of our busy season, but it should let me get a bunch of experience really quickly.  Once we get through season, I’ll train as a road supervisor as well.  Can’t wait to get started!

School started this week as well.  I knew this semester would be rough, but I have a feeling it’s really going to kick my butt.  I have classes four days a week (with labs on two of those days as well).  I just have to keep telling myself “it will be worth it in the end”.

Monday was a busy day…I went to the orthodontist, to the dentist (found out I had a cavity), to Organic Chemistry class, BACK to the dentist to get a filling, then back to the orthodontist….where I got elastics for my braces.  Super fun…not!  (Wow, I just said “Not”.  Hello 1992.)  It’s better now than it was Monday, but they are definitely going to be a pain in the neck.  Oh well, whatever it takes to get my teeth fixed.

This week was Adam’s and my fourth anniversary.  Wednesday (“the” day) we went to a nice dinner down on Clearwater beach, and last night we camped out on the boat with a couple friends and their boat.  It was nice to get out and do something, instead of working or sitting around watching TV.  The sunset was beautiful, we had a bonfire, and this morning on the way back to the marina we saw pelicans and flamingos and dolphins (oh my!).

Not much knitting this week, but I’m working all weekend so I’m hoping to make some progress on Sizzle.   I finished the back on New Year’s, and I started the front this week.  I want to finish it soon, because I’m not sure how much knitting time I’ll have once school really gets going.


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