An explanation for the apparent lack of knitting

I’ve still been knitting, but definitely not as much as before New Year’s. Why?

Quilt Squares

Adam got me a really nice sewing machine for my birthday, and I’ve been putting it through its paces. I made a dog coat for Molly (she doesn’t have a lot of hair…and it’s cute!) and then I decided to make a quilt for our bed, to match the new decor (once we get around to changing it). I have all the squares done (36), and I’m working on the borders of the squares, which have stars at the corners. I’m loving it so far, but it’s sucking up all my free time!

There has been knitting too, just not much. I’m done with the back and 1/3 of the front of Sizzle, and I finished the back and one front of the Twist cardigan. I start my new assistant supervisor job this week at work, which will mean about zero knitting time, so I’m going to have to budget my home time a little better. I also really want to spin…

Still no word from PA school. Classes are going well, but keeping me very busy (not that I wasn’t busy enough). I also joined a gym! I left my last one a year ago, and I’m tired of being a lump.

I’m finally getting through my denial, and realizing that it’s time for a new camera. Mine still works, but the rechargable batteries aren’t working in it any more and it sucks the life out of AA’s so fast that I may as well just buy a new one. I have no idea what to look for at this point, except that I want one I can plug into the wall and recharge. Any suggestions?


2 responses to “An explanation for the apparent lack of knitting

  1. You Quit Lifestyles after I left??? I had no idea. I thought adam said that you were going more than ever. Which gym did you join?

  2. Those quilt squares are beautiful!

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